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Start Date:
Nov 5, 2018, 14:00
Finish date:
Nov 26, 2018, 17:30
499.00 SGD



Power-Packed Weekly Management Training
Date: 4 Mondays on November 5, 12, 19 and 26
Time: 2 pm to 5.30 pm
Venue: 89 Short St 09-03A, Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216   
Fee: 1 pax for 4 lessons $499 OR 2 pax & above for 4 lessons 399 each
         4 pax & above for 4 lessons is $299 each (no GST)
** This course can also be done at your premise at NO EXTRA Cost.
If you are like most managers, you would probably find that you are lacking in certain skills. This lack is causing your delay in your career growth. Worst of all, your boss expects you to know all and your subordinates are watching you every day. 
The truth is that most managers and supervisors are promoted based on their technical skills, and yet it is the managerial and leadership skills that will make them more successful. 
In this Power-packed How to Be a Better Manager or Supervisor program, you will learn proven strategies to improve the presentation, negotiation, and how you can manage your team & boss. Focused on Asia Coaching Training coaching and training materials used in 39,871 companies worldwide since 1993, you will find the strategies you need to implement significant changes in your career. 
This management development program is for managers, bosses, directors, managers, supervisors, and executives who want to implement tomorrow what they learn today. This is hands-on learning, conducted over 4 weeks, to give you the impetus and momentum needed. Best of all, you will get coaching from a seasoned Coach. 
Now you might be saying - Yeah, I have heard it all before - and maybe you have. But if you are serious about actually doing and implementing something that will improve your career, then invest some time and get the help you need.

Power-packed Contents Include:

Session 1: People Management Success (5 Nov Mon)


Psychology of employees - how to make the best of them

  1. Top 20 ways to motivate people without money 
  2. Inspiring Your People to Be their Best in 7 Ways
  3. The concept of Filling Buckets
  4. Anthony Robbins concept of 6 Human Needs in Management
  5. Power of Validation per Paul Newman

Session 2: Team-building Success (12 Nov Mon)

  1. Blair Singer 6 Keys to a Winning Team 
  2. What is Perturbation and How to Push through
  3. De-selection system of hiring people. 
  4. What to Do When You have the Wrong Team
  5. GROW Model on Coaching your team to success
  6. Exercise on how Teamwork can increase output by 3 times
Bonus: Test on Do You Really Have a TEAM or TEFB?

Session 3: Leadership Success (19 Nov Mon)

  1. How all Managers can be Leaders NOW
  2. Top 10 Keys of Effective Leaders
  3. How to lead in a difficult environment 
  4. Know what you want and get it
  5. Five Ways to Effective Leadership: Have-to, Want-to, Body & Mind, Heart & Soul and Value Add
  6. What to Do When Others Do Not Follow You?
Bonus: Game on How to Do the Impossible (cut wood with paper)

Session 4: Management Communication and Negotiation (26 Nov Mon)

        0.  Effective Communication in the workplace

  1. o do High Impact Presentation and impromptu speeches
  2. Influence People to Your Thinking
  3. VAK Modalities of Communication (include Test)
  4. Mastering the Art of Listening
  5. How to negotiate for success. 
  6. Case study: negotiate with your customer for 20% price increase.
At the end of this program, you will be empowered to rise above all management challenges. 

Note: This course is conducted using the following:

  1. Dynamic Talk (using humour and real-life stories)
  2. Q & A 
  3. Case Studies (of your situation)
  4. Watching over 14 movie clips
  5. GROW Coaching model


  1. Get all your management challenges resolved.
  2. Ask the coach for free
  3. Learn how to manage people without pain
  4. Get your team built
  5. Turn all your normal employees into high profits partners
  6. Make your boss happy
  7. Realize your vision to be a GREAT MANAGER!

For Who to Attend:

  1. Managers that are new and old to the job
  2. Supervisors that manage and lead at least 2 people
  3. Executives going to be promoted
  4. Directors and GM looking to delegate more to their managers
  5. Managing Directors and Non-executive directors going to the next level

These are what some of our clients and past participants have to say:

"The visual materials used are good, I will consider sending my staff for further training by AndyTheCoach"
Doreen Chai, MD, Van Der Horst Energy Limited
I attended this program in 2007 and to-date, I am still applying the ideas and reap rewards. Thanks, AndyTheCoach!
Vincent Ong, GM, New Independent Pte Ltd
Andy Ng flagship program How to Be a Better Manager course has opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am confident of hitting all my goals for the next 3 years. This is just the reward from the lesson Goal Setting from the Leadership module.
Marcus Tang, Sales Manager, Telford Industries Pte Ltd

Profile of Asia Coaching Training

Business Coach and Trainer Andy Ng is a Chartered Accountant by training and has an MBA from the UK.  Prior to starting his own training and coaching business in 2001, Andy was the Director of Finance and HR of Allied Telesis International Asia Pte Ltd.  Andy has 30 years of professional experience:
Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,413 people in 15 countries. His Magnetic Selling DVD and e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES have sold hundreds of copies in 5 countries. Asia Coaching Training was, from 2001-2007, the licensee for Action International in Singapore. The clients trained by Andy include SingTel, SIM, Manulife Financial, Walton International, DBS Group, M1, Yakun, BreadTalk, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gillette, F & N Foods, Kaplan Asia and Teleperformance Asia. Visit our blog at and see him in action at


Ms Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email to


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