The Exact 5 Steps to Getting Your Promotion

The world’s oldest printed book is not the Bible but The Diamond Sutra or translated as Diamond Cutter.

In chapter 1 of The Diamond Cutter, it talks about the concept of Emptiness. Emptiness is not empty but full of meaning.

Understand that everything that is happening in your team and organization, including the things that you like or dislike, is empty. They are not pleasant or unpleasant things, they are just empty.

This is because what is success to one is considered failure to another, that's why things are empty by themselves. It is the meaning that we give to things that has meaning. For example, you see your team fighting among each other as bad. But to the your team member, the fighting is for him to succeed in his promotion, not his colleague.

Whatever we want our team to do as a leader, we cannot succeed by telling them what to do. We can succeed only by planting the right seeds.

The seeds that we plant in our mind are called karmic seeds. The seeds lay deep inside our sub-conscious mind. Then the time is ready, the seeds will crack open.

As a leader, we need to plant the right seeds, plant it right, and take of the seeds right. The seeds will grow to a plant, given the right conditions and situations. We plant seeds with our thoughts, words and deeds.

We can only plant seeds by helping others get what they want. In short, what you want to get, you don't get it yourself, you get it by helping your team get it. For example, if you want a promotion, you need to help your team members get promotion, only then will you yourself be promoted.

The 5 Sit-Down Steps:

1. Describe in specific terms what you want in a single short sentence. Eg I want to get promoted to Director by 2017 June

2. Plan who it is that you are going to help go get the same thing. In our example, you need to pick one team member that also wants to be promoted by June 2017

3. Sit down with that person and talk about how you can help him get what he wants

4. Do something to help hem get promoted. It could be that you train and coach him every day

5. Practise Mindfulness. Be mindful of what you are doing everyday that will help him get what he wants. As you go to sleep, plant seeds in your mind by thinking of what you are going to do to help him. Such thoughts will manifest into your speech, behaviour and action

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