Turning WeChat Adveritsing from Expensive to Cheap

As at time of writing (24 October 2017), there are almost one billion daily active users on Wechat.  That's why many businesses are looking at how they can advertise and do marketing on Wechat.

We all know that WeChat users are mostly people from China and they use WeChat 5 times an hour daily and are open to buying goods and services via WeChat.  In fact, many large companies including Huawei, Orchard Road Business Association and Capitaland market aggressively on WeChat.

As WeChat is very different from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, there are 7 ways that you can advertise on WeChat:

  1. Incur at least US$20,000 to Tencent Holdings, the company that owns WeChat.  Tencent will, base on your target market, do a message broadcast to selected WeChat members.  You can specify who and where you want to target, like target the Shanghainese or the China people in Singapore.  Many Singapore companies including Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Tourism Board and Kaplan Education have been using paid WeChat advertising for years and are getting good results
  2. Register (for free) up to 5 WeChat Official Accounts with Tencent using your business registration.  With an Official Account, you can have a mobile site with maximum 15 pages.  You can broadcast up to once a day to your Official Account followers.  Search for a good example of an Official Account 'Soheaven' and you'll know what I'm talking about. 
  3. Message Broadcast.  You can send up to 5,000 characters per message to up to 200 contacts in one message broadcast to your WeChat contacts.  Just like Facebook, you can have up to 5,000 contacts on WeChat.  Note that your WeChat contacts will receive the message as though you have sent to them individually and are not aware that the message is sent in bulk
  4. Moments is like newsfeeds on Facebook, and you can post as many Moments as you like daily.  Each moment can have up to 10 pictures and may include articles, web links and even videos of up to 10 seconds
  5. Join or start WeChat Groupchats.  Before you advertise, it is customary to give out Red Packets to your friends, if not, you may get backlash and even be kicked out of those groups. To give out Red Packets, you need to enable WeChat Wallet.  Nowadays, you can enable WeChat Wallet without opening a bank account in China.  We teach this in our courses at here
  6. Individual message with articles  This is far the most effective and also most time-consuming. Make sure your article message is appealing and include beautiful pictures, bolds, and underlines.  You have to use free WeChat apps like 'Mei Pian' to create such appealing messages and articles. 
  7. Plain simple message with just words and links.  This is the easiest to create and may be effective if your contacts are familiar with you

Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer in Singapore, Malaysia, and Asia. Andy Ng has over 30 years of professional experience and has been training on topics including sales, finance, Sun Tzu Art of War and leadership since 2001.  Since 7 August 2017, Andy has been conducting weekly half-day WeChat and WhatsApp marketing courses at very affordable fees.  (Usual WeChat courses are conducted in Chinese by mainland Chinese and one charge S$1,500 for a half-day coruse). To see the next course, click here Watch short 1-minute video at here



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Most WeChat courses in Singapore are done by China people and they teach in Chinese. Some charge $1,500 for a half day course, while others charge $750 for a one-day course. They are good courses, just that they are taught in Chinese, and most Singaporeans prefer English. We at Asia Coaching Training teach in English and we charge less than a hundred. 

This hands-on training rewards you with contents including:

  1. Using WhatsApp for Marketing: the 5 Ways: Status, Group Broadcast, 1-minute Videos, Personal Messages and Group Chats

  2. The Do's and Don'ts of using WhatsApp: how to attract, not distract people

  3. WeChat as a superapp: what it can do and can’t

  4. The 8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat

  5. The 25 useful Functions of WeChat that WhatsApp does not have

  6. How to create Moments that people will follow

  7. How to do broadcast to more than 5,000 people daily FOC

  8. How to open WeChat in Singapore without opening bank account in China

  9. How to use WeChat Wallet to give out Red Packets and Transfer Money (on the spot)

  10. How to Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay for Your Business FOC

  11. The 5 Ways to Market on WeChat: Moments, Broadcast, Messages, Official Account and links

  12. Using Fomo Pay to receive RMB from customers' Wechat Pay but credited as S$ n your bank account

Register at here. Enquire by text to 8201-4347 or call 6225-1784 Ms Idah



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