The most valuable lesson of the Art of War 13 chapters of 5,000 words is found in the 3rd chapter: Win Without Fighting. δΈζˆ˜θ€Œθƒœ

In war the best thing is to take the enemy state whole and intact; to ruin it is inferior to this. To capture the entire army is better than to destroy it. Hence, to win on hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is supreme excellence, or simply win without fighting

How does it apply to your sales? 
1.   "Enemy" here refers to not your competitors but your customers or target market
2.   "Take the enemy state whole and intact" means you must lead your customers wholly with not just their bodies, but also their minds, hearts and spirits. That means to win customers hearts wholeheartedly
3.   Never destroy the bodies, minds, hearts and spirits of your customers. So you cannot over-sell them for you will be destroying their bodies and minds. You also cannot break their hearts by not delivering on your promises and make them give up on you. Finally, you may destroy their spirits when you always play the opposite side and do not see things from their view.
4.   "To win without fighting" in sales is to sell without selling. A salesperson is at his best when customer barely knows he is selling. When the transaction is done, the customer will say: we buy it ourselves. This is because the salesperson has empowered the customers so much and they have become so competent that they are mini salespeople themselves. The customer is selling himself, and he too sells his friends (i.e. give referrals). This is the ultimate in selling: sell without selling
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Win Over Your Competitors with 2,500 Years Wisdom
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1.     Top misunderstandings of Art of War
2.     Art of War 5 Elements
3.     Sun Tzu Key Philosophy
4.     Six Strategies of Art of War
5.     Use of Deception and The 36 Stratagems
6.     Winning Over Objections the Sun Tzu Way
6.     Perfect Words and Phrases in Sales
7.     Winning the Price War the Sun Tzu Way
8.     The Ultimate Sun Tzu Strategy: Win Over the Entire ‘Nation’
Bonus 1: How to apply The 36 Stratagems in 5 easy steps


Bonus 2: The Sun Zi Way to Overcome Objections Effortlessly
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