Disruptive Thinking is About What If not Why

With a disruptive mindset, you don't make a projection or reasonable prediction. The difference between prediction and provocation is the difference between seeing things as they are and asking, 'Why?', or imaging things as they never were and ask, 'What if?'

In business, we will ask the question: how can we disrupt the competitive landscape of our industry by delivering an unexpected solution?  For example, in our sales training, I often ask bosses not what type of training they need but how to NOT TRAIN your people and get them to double their sales without you dropping a single cent of your price?

As Steve Jobs said before, we don't merely want to look at the competition and see how we can be better. We look at the competition and ask how can we do differently. In other words, we do not merely want to be the best of the best. We want to be the only ones who do what we do.   Like we do 5 to 8 WeChat trainings a month since August 2017

This is called disruptive thinking.  

Reason is that when a business makes only incremental changes, they will find themselves on a path that gets narrower and narrower. Ultimately they will reach the end of the path, and by then, their customers would have left them for a new offering that nobody saw coming. Just look at how Nokia lost 50% of global mobile market share to Android and Apple from 2009 to 2014 and you'll know what I'm talking about.  

As such, companies should not focus on incremental innovation but game-changing, disruptive innovation that will differentiate themselves.  Here I'm not talking about little tweaks here and there. I'm talking about a new way of thinking that surprises the market with unexpected solutions that exceed all expectations. 

It is a way of thinking that turns the whole industry upside down and propels it into its next playing field. It will leave competitors scrambling to catch up. This is called disruptive business.  To find out how you too can be the disruptor and not disrupted, leave me a comment below or text to me Andy at 8201-4347 for how you can get free trainings…

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