Use of Mobile Phones During Training Are Permitted

Most trainers will ask their students to not use their mobile phones during training. Not for us at Asia Trainers. Our Chief Trainer Coach Andy Ng does the opposite: we require all our students to continue using their smartphones as follows:

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One Belt One Road and You

China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative aims to link the economic circles in East Asia and Europe, connecting China – on land and over water – to partners in Asia, Europe and Africa. Chinese President Xi Jinping first introduced the concept in 2013 during a visit to Kazakhstan. 

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What's Wrong with Young People Driving Uber Full Time? 10 Reasons

TODAY news reported that more and more young people below the age of 30 are now driving Uber and Grab full time.  They seem happy with it and many said that they will continue driving them as long as possible. So sad. There's nothing wrong with driving a cab but young people are supposed to be in high demand and driving Uber or Grab should be the last resort and not the first choice. 

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Experience Matters

Why don't young people buy cars and apartments anymore? Nowadays, the traditional measure of success — owning an apartment and/or a car — is out of date. An increasing number of young people around the world don’t want to buy them. Research shows that the so-called millennial generation, who are in their 20s now, rarely buy houses and even more rarely — cars. In fact, they don’t buy super expensive things at all. 

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Ask Your Enemy to Do a Favour For You

I'm sure that there are times in your work or life that you have a person that just doesn't like anything that you do.  In fact, he hates you, for whatever reason that may be.  If you are in sales, this person will never pay attention to your sales presentation and will just give you objection after objection. The next time you're faced with this difficult situation, just put on a serious face.  Then ask that person in a most sincere and humble way, "Please, Mr Customer, would you please do me a great favour?"  

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