9 Things Anyone Can Do Today to Be a Better Leader

Stop focusing so much on financial and material gain. It is not the only measure of success. Uncross your legs and arms. Open body language makes people feel less tense. Include your employees' spouses or partners at work events, social gatherings and on trips. Work is easier for your employees when they have support at home.

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No. 1 Result that Brings Most Results This Year

"What is the number one result that you believe would bring you the biggest result in this year?"  This is the question that I have, since 3 January 2017, asked my clients, this year. Not once but 7 times. People give me different answers, "I want to build my business to a new level this year", "I want to super-charge my career" and "I want to fire my boss" are the three most common answers so far.

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The Frightening Thing About Leadership by Example

Everyone says that all leaders must lead by example. So we see many bosses all go the way down to the ground and do dirty work. Some people claimed that leaders must earn the right to lead, and the eaiest way to earn that right is to take lower pay but work more. Is that true?  What exactly is leadershp by example? 

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How I Turn From Failure to Success with Win to Fight

People who know me know that I am a person that will never give up until I succeed. I tried all ways and although I achieve success in work, I achieve little success with people. In 2010 when I stumbled upon a 2,500-year military classic called Art of War or Sun Zi Bingfa, I changed. I convert myself from 'fight to win' to 'win to fight' and turned myself from failure to success. Here's how

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The Exact 5 Steps to Getting Your Promotion

The world’s oldest printed book is not the Bible but The Diamond Sutra or translated as Diamond Cutter.  In chapter 1 of The Diamond Cutter, it talks about the concept of Emptiness. Emptiness is not empty but full of meaning. This chapter tells you the exact 5 steps to getting your promotion

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