Letter from John Maxwell: Who Will Come?

Have you ever thought about this? When your time comes to leave this earth, how many people will attend your funeral? I’ve heard that on average only 10 people are likely to cry at your funeral, and only ⅓ of the people invited will show up if it rains!  Now, maybe you don’t think it matters. But look at it this way: The people who show up at your funeral may represent the entire impact you’ve had in your lifetime.

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Leaders Not Managers

A true leader not just manages but also creates changes.  He makes people better than themselves.  Of course the first person to change is the leader himself.  He must change himself from a follower into a leader.  All his behaviour, thinking and speech must be a leader and not a follower

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New Paradigm Shift: What is This?

As some of you may know, I went for a 2-days 'New Paradigm: The Shift" training in Jakarta in August and came back fully charged. I went round sharing passionately with people what I learnt about new paradigm: new paradigm business, new paradigm selling, new paradigm leadership and new paradigm management. Many people asked: what is a new paradigm?

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Resist Your Way to Success

Many people hate resistance and think that resistance is the cause of their failure. However, if you understand Yiqing, you'll know that resistance is a natural thing. Like a magnetized needle, resistance will unfailingly point to the north, meaning that calling or action it most wants us to stop doing. 

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Why Pokemon Go is So Popular? What Does It Mean to Your Career?

I had my very first game on Saturday 6th August 2016 in Singapore. I only played for 5 minutes but on Sunday, I caught a Pokemon sitting at the 7th month dinner table that I was attending. The strange thing is that when I moved across the table, the Pokemon was gone!  Three Reasons Why Pokemon Go is So Popular and How to Apply Its Popularity to Your Career and Business Now

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