The 5 Keys that Keep Your Chatgroups Alive

Your WhatsApp and WeChat chatgroups may die of activity soon if you don't follow these 5 keys. It is easy to create a chatgroup, but it takes lots of effort to keep it alive. For if your group is inactive, why would people not leave your group? Know these 5 keys that your groups alvie today

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Disruptive Thinking in Business

With a disruptive mindset, I ask bosses this question when he enquired what type of sales training we have. I asked, "What If your salespeople can double your sales now without you dropping your price and no marketing spending? What If we can do this WITHOUT ANY SALESL TRAINING AT ALL?" He was stunned! 

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How to Be the Disruptor, Not Disrupted

First of all, what is disruption? Disruption are happenings that change the course of things PERMANENTLY. Note that the change has to be non-reversible and permanent and not temporary. Temporary disruptions are just distractions. The problem is disruption can happen slowly, or very fast like what happened to Blackberry, which went from 30% of world's market share in 2009 to 1% in 5 years time in 2014. By the time you realise the disruption, it could be too late and you will end with nothing. 

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End All Your Work Frustrations Here

If you are like most people getting more and more frustrasted at work, your frustrations could end here, if you could just invest 1 minute of your life to read these 5 most important things at work. Chief among them is "Why is there no teamwork but just hard work?"

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9 Truths About Your Dreams

Even animals and insects have dreams, and their dream is to simply not get killed. Humans have dreams, they just have lost the desire to achieve their dreams. From Chris Gardener, author of "The Pursuit of Happyness" book, there are 9 truths to your dreams, chief among themis to simply 

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