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 Unfortunately most managers and leaders are promoted based on their technical skills and they seldom attend any training on leadership and management. 
We know that when the manager does not do the right things the following things happen:
  1. Staff are not working at the level as they should be. Targets get missed and the manager has to end up doing all the work to ensure that targets are hit.
  2. Staff turnover is low, but the people that resigned are usually the high performers and it is almost impossible to replace such talented employees.  New people hired are often way below the staff that left.
  3. Working environment becomes more control centric and everyone becomes risk averse. They make no mistake but also no progress.
  4. Customers are complaining that the level of service is below that of the past, and this is primarily due to the lack of people working.
  5. Investors are always looking at ways to maximise profits by reducing cost. With rentals and staff cost on the rise, that means to employ fewer people to do ever more work. The result is fatigue and a sense of withdrawal.
If one or more of the above describe your situation now, you belong to 53.68% of the companies that operate in Singapore.  The solution is not just to work hard, but work smart. This means more skills and do things more skilfully.
One of the ways is to coach and mentor people, for people will rise to their potential when you coach and mentor them. 

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