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A good training program accomplishes 3 goals. Firstly it imparts the skills necessary for efficient work habits and a high degree of competency.  If I am training people on sales, it must teach them the habit of making 5 sales calls a day and asking clients' questions using a professional format. 
Second, it builds an employee's knowledge to allow for them to learn and do more on their own. For example, in our How to Be a Better Manager program, we teach managers how to inspire people based on their current weekly staff meeting.
Third, a good training program must motivate and inspire people to take action, not in the distant future, but now. That's why in all our trainings we have this 7-Day Profit Action Plan that all participants get to fill in during the course.  In this way they can apply what they learn immediately. We will also compute the increase in profits from that application.
The 5 Dos of Training:
  1. Let people know that we expect them to continue doing things correctly
  2. Let them know that they can always contact the trainer after the course to give free help on application
  3. Give recognition for what they do during the course, like they answer questions or share their experiences 
  4. Answer all their questions and ask them questions
  5. Give them confidence to learn and do more
The 9 Don'ts of Training:
  1. Assume everyone learn at the same pace. The trainer must adapt to different trainees' pace by asking questions and getting confirmation of their learning
  2. Forget to tell them what they are doing now is wrong and must be stopped immediately.  The trainer must be assertive and dare to say things that most managers dare not do. 
  3. Just focus on the notes or slides. The key focus should be the learner's absorption
  4. Start on a wrong footing, which is always positive and motivational
  5. Just end strong, but end with a action plan
  6. Do training just for the sake of taking the government's PIC money 
  7. Be too ambitious and expect people to change overnight after the training. True sustainable change takes place gradually
  8. Forget to let the trainer know what areas you want to focus more
  9. Forget to ask the trainer for Profit Guarantee

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