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The trainees will be given time to write a PAP (Profit Action Plan) on how they will apply at least one idea to their work.  
They will also compute the increase in profits that application will give rise to.  From here, the profit increase will be compared to the course fee, and if that figure is negative, the trainee will be given extra tuition to write another application of the idea until the end figure is positive. 
In short, this is real profit training determined during the class, not after the course. 
Profit will come in 2 major ways: increase in sales and decrease in cost.  From here there will be hundreds of ways that one can design for his work.  Anyway our Trainer Coach will help each trainee to compute the profit (either during the course or after the course via email and phone coaching).  
In this way our training guarantees profit to be made from all our courses.  It's that simple. There are no gimmicks or high projections given.  Neither will the trainees be forced to create profit but will be assisted to create profits. 

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