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Profits to a business is obvious: higher sales, lower costs, higher gross profit, higher net profits, improvements in cash flow, reduction of risks and higher other income.
To a non-profit organization like the Government or Voluntary and Welfare Organizations, Profit means the above too, plus higher reserves for future use. 
To an individual, profit means higher increment, bonuses, incentives, rewards, promotion, better welfare, and moving up the corporate ladder.
Our training focuses on 5 key areas of a business: (note: all our training qualify for PIC 60% cash back).
  1. Profit Sales: how to increase sales with higher profits and how to increase profits for your customers with what you sell
  2. Service Profit: how to create raving fans and sell more at higher prices at higher frequency to ever higher quality customers
  3. Management Profit: how people management and supervision, cash flow management and general management can result in higher profits for the company, employees and investors
  4. Strategy and Planning Profit: how to embark on successful business plans, business development, strategic planning and budgeting that raises the value of the company
  5. Operations and Support Profit: how the operations, support, human resource, quality control and administration can contribute to higher profits for the organization.
All our trainings come with a Profit Guarantee: we guarantee our courses will improve at least in one thing in any 3 ways: your thinking, action and the outcome.  If there is not even one tiny improvement, we will return your course fees, no questions asked. 

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