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How to Successfully Disrupt as an Employee

Following my last article on what is disruption and the role of disruption technologies, people want to know how can an ordinary employee can do successful disruption at work?

For we know that if you are not successfully disrupting, you will be successfully disrupted! You'll rather be the disruptor than be the disrupted. 

This is because with rapid changing technology, many work are now replaced by computers and outsourced to cheaper countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. There are 5 things that you can do so that you can secure your position as an employee:

  1. Never say No. Say yes first, even when you are not sure, and go find out how to do it. The ones that say no at the first instant will be the first to get disrupted
  2. Go to your boss instead of waiting for instructions. With rapidly changing economy, your boss may have no instructions and if you just wait for him, you are just waiting to be retrenched. 
  3. Ask for More. That's right, always ask for more at work. Never settle with less. I am talking about ask for more work, not ask for more pay, unless you want to asked to be displaced
  4. Be creative, not reactive. These 2 words have the same letters but just by putting the 'c' in front, you will be creative. This means you must first see it in your mind if you want to be creative. See your vision, goals, outcome and rewards WAY BEFORE YOU EMBARK on your work
  5. Forward negative things up, but flow positive things down. Most people only forward positive news up and pass negativity down. As a result, they perspire and expire people instead of inspire and motivate people. Once your people are full of demotivation, morale goes to the pit and very soon your entire team would be disrupted! 
Andy Ng is a chief trainer coach with AsiaTrainers. His flagship training "Successful Disruption" is now in 4 languages and come with 5 modules, each lasting 2 days of intensive training. To get an introduction on successful disruption, ask for his next talk at 65-8201-4347

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