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How to Be A Better Manager in 4 Weeks

If you are like most managers, you'll probably find that you are lacking in certain skills.  This lack is causing you delay in your career growth. Worst of all, your boss expects you to know all and your subordinates are watching you. 
The truth is that most managers and supervisors are promoted based on their technical skills, and yet it is the managerial and leadership skills that will make them more successful.
This management development program is for managers, bosses, directors, managers, supervisors and executives who want to implement tomorrow what they learn today. This is hands-on learning, conducted over 4 weeks, to give you the impetus and momentum needed. Best of all, you will get coaching from a seasoned Coach. 

Now you might be saying - Yeah, I have heard it all before - and maybe you have. But if you are serious about actually doing and implementing something that will improve your career, then invest some time and get the help you need.  Our 70th batch is starting from 3 April 2017 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm. It will be on 4 Mondays on April 3, 10, 17 and 24 consecutively: 
Session 1: Management Communication (3 April 2017 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm)
  1. Management Communication: what to do and what NOT to do
  2. Effective Communication with VAK Analysis 
  3. How to Do High Impact Presentation and Impromptu Speeches
  4. Influence People to Your Thinking with CARLSS
  5. How to Negotiate for Success
  6. How to Give Negative Feedback without demoralizing people
  7. Bonus: Doing your own VAK test (worth $49.75)
Session 2: Leadership Success (10 April 2017 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm)
  1. How Managers can Lead Now even if they don't have all the power
  2. The top 10 Keys of Effective Leaders
  3. How to Do Goal Setting (that works) for your team and yourself
  4. Getting Others to Follow You when the going is tough
  5. Five-Ways Leverage: Have-to, Want-to, Body/Mind, Heart/Soul and Value add
  6. Bonus: Videos from Uncle Choo and Margaret Thatcher
Session 3: People Management Success (17 April 2017 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm)
  1. Psychology of Employees: How to Get the Best Performance without Money
  2. Top 20 Ways to Motivate People
  3. Inspiring People in 7 Ways (including Performance Appraisals)
  4. Applying Anthony Robbins 6 Human Needs in Management
  5. Managing the 5 Generations in the workplace, especially Gen Y
  6. Bonus: Power of Validation from Paul Newman
Session 4: Teambuilding Success (24 April 2017 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm)
  1. How Teamwork can increase output by 270%
  2. Six Keys to a Winning Team per Blair Singer
  3. Game on X and Y (to test real teamwork)
  4. How to Hire using De-Selection Method
  5. Dealing with Under-performers
  6. Coaching Your Team to Success with GROW model
  7. Exercise on the impossible: how to lift a person with just 2 finger
  8. Bonus: Test on 'Do You Have a TEAM or TEFB'?

  • Course name: How to Be a Better Manager (70th run since 2006)
  • Course Fee: $199 each (x 4) or $149.75 each (x 4) for 2 and above
  • Venue: The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Road, Singapore 199591
  • Trainer: Andy Ng (tel: 6225-1784 or visit
To register, text to Idah at 8201-4347 now or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Testimonials from Past Attendees (can also see here)

  • "The visual materials used are good, I will consider to send my staff for further training by AndyTheCoach and AsiaTrianers"
Doreen Chai, MD, Van Der Horst Energy Limited  

  • I attended this program in 2007 and to-date, I am still applying the ideas and reap rewards. Thanks AndyTheCoach!
Vincent Ong, GM, New Independent Pte Ltd  

  • Andy Ng's flagship program "How to Be a Better Manager" has opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am confident of hitting all my goals for the next 3 years. This is from the lesson Goal Setting from the Leadership module.
Marcus Tang, Sales Manager, Telford Industries Pte Ltd
Short Profile of Trainer and Asia Coaching Training (click HERE)
Founded in 2001, Asia Coaching Training is affiliated with the world’s top business coaches and trainers in 26 countries. 
   Andy Ng has 29 years of professional experience, including 13 years in training. He has trained over 81,431 people in 15 countries.  Andy is a former Director of HR & Finance for a Japanese MNC - Allied Telesis International (Asia)Pte Ltd.  Visit for more.
As a Coach and Trainer, Andy has coached CEOs, Chairman and even an Entrepreneur of the Year.  He was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise in 2007. 

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