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Leading a Sales Team is NOT the same as Leading a Team

Yes, leading a sales team is not the same as managing the operations team. Salespeople that got promoted into sales managers may not know how to manage salespeople effectively. This is because salespeople are not normal employees. They cannot be controlled, coerced or managed like anyone. There are 5 things to know to manage sales people:


1.  It is NOT all about Hitting Targets
Many people think that if we hit targets, we are doing well.  Unknown to many, hitting targets is easy.  It is how they hit the targets that makes the difference. 
Do they hit targets in ways that enhance future business, or do they hit targets in ways that create bad debts?  Do they hit targets with good teamwork, or are they just lone wolves?


2. Is Your High Performer Earning More than the Boss?

When you have a high performing salesperson earning more than his boss, you know your company will go far. The opposite is true


3. Are Low Performers given coaching, inspiration and training?

We normally assume low performers are not performing because they are lousy. Often it is due to lack of clear directions and leadership from the sales managers


4. Is there a Sales System to Begin with?

To many companies, a sales system means a good corporate brochure and impressive email signature. Others say it is about having weekly sales meeting and reports. When you ask them is there a systematic way to follow-up with prospects, they shake their heads. No wonder sales is not doing well!


5. Do They Attend Training Together?

Often bosses send their staff for training but experience shows that if the boss attends the training together with the staff, their bonding is stronger. Leadership by example follows.


About Andy Ng: A Chartered Accountant by training, Andy was one of the nominees for Spirit of Enterprise 2007. He has trained and coached over 81,131 people in 15 countries since 1996. Andy specializes in Sun Tzu Art of War, Disruption Technologies, New Paradigm Selling and Awaken the Leader courses. Text to him at 65-8201-4347 for a friendly chat now! 

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