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People Will Buy From You Because of These 6 Foundations of Trust

Salespeople have to recognize that resistance many customers show is not resistance to what you are selling but resistance to You the salesperson.  Prospects often create objections to cover up for their resistance to you the salesperson. Recognize the following 6 facts and you will be able to sell better:
1. Do You Have High Conviction in What You Are Selling?
A salesperson must believe 110% in what he is selling is GOOD FOR THE CUSTOMER.  He cannot have an waver in his conviction.  Note that having conviction is not necessarily having supreme product knowledge
2. Do They See Eye to Eye With You?
If two people want to do business together, the details will not stand in the way. On the other hand, if two people do not get along well and do not see eye to eye, no detail will pull it together and make the sale happen
3. Is there a Foundation of Trust and Mutual Agreement?
The sales process must be built on a foundation of trust and mutual agreement.  Relationships that are open, honest and free of tension create long-lasting business associations that pay off in many ways for many years
4. Do You Prescribe After Diagnosis?
In medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice. In sales, many salespeople are so caught up in pushing what they have without first understanding the prospect's situation.  A good salesperson is like a doctor, the customer trusts him 100% because he does not offer solutions before he completely understands his customer's business.
5. Do They Feel Understood and Appreciated?
People buy because of good feelings and solutions to their problems.  So they must feel understood and appreciated, not because the customer was made to understand the salesperson's product or service
6. Do You Impose Decision on Client?
People like to make their own decisions, regardless of how wise or unwise those decisions are.  If a salesperson impose solutions upon clients, they will resent both the salesperson and his solution.  You can help the customer make a decision by doing in a way that makes the customer a partner in the solution, not your servant in the solution. 


Win Over Your Competitors with 2,500 Years Wisdom
Date: 23 Nov 2016 Wed 9 am to 12,30 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel)   
Fee: $199, $149 each for 2 and above, $99 each for 5 and above (no GST but with PIC 40% cash back, till 31 Dec 2017 only)
You are a Manager, Executive or Director in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. You work hard and are very committed to hitting the targets set by your bosses.
Yet you cannot help but feel that competition is getting very fierce today. You also realize that unless you change your strategy, you will be eaten up by new competitors who are all out to kill.
How to have winning strategies like Sun Zi Art of War? How to apply the 2,500 years wisdom of the Chinese that led them to win wars after wars? How to apply Sun Zi inspired 36 Stratagems in your sales and marketing easily?
Whether you are new or experienced in business, management and sales, if you too want to make this year a year of winning, not whining, come for this course that has taken 2,500 years to make.
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  1. Sun Zi Art of War De-mystified and Simplified
  2. The 36 Stratagems reduced to only 6 Strategies
  3. Stratagems when you are in Superior position
  4. Stratagems when you are in Inferior position
  5. Real life cases: Apple, Google and Samsung 
  6. Handling Customers Objections using Sun Zi Way
  7. How to Win in Price War without dropping your price
  8. The Ultimate in Sun Zi Strategies: Touch their Hearts and How
  9. Your Case Study (with Model Answers given)
Bonus 1: List of 180 Stratagems from the new popular e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES
Bonus 2: The Sun Zi Way to Overcome Objections Effortlessly

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