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No Objections Selling

Sales trainers like to teach people the concept of overcoming objections. 

To me, objections are a waste of time. When salespeople start overcoming objections, they are placing themselves in conflict with their customers when they should be establishing collaborative relationships instead. 

Often overcoming objections set the stage for polite disagreements and respectful differences of opinion, forcing salespeople to defend their solutions.  At worst, it turns the sales process into a battle in which the salesperson goes into a battle an attack mode to 'win' the sale.  In fact, words like 'persist', 'convince', 'persuade' all imply such aggressive behaviour.   We all know that you could win an argument and lose the sale.  

It doesn't have to be this way.  Salespeople can choose another approach: prevent objections instead of overcoming objections.  How to prevent objections?  

1.      Attract Customers to Buy from You.  When you attract people, people will be doing their own assessment and weigh the pros and cons of your attraction.  If they are attracted enough, they will justify the cons with the pros.  Just look at the queues for Lee Kuan Yew's tribute at the funeral wake and you will know the importance of attraction.

2.      Mention the reasons against you first. When you mention your weaknesses, people will see that you are honest and they will respect you more. With higher respect, they will be more attracted to you and thus objections will become irrelevant.

3.      Choose your customers.  Only sell to people that are in line with your vision and mission.  Like Apple's choose to sell to 'premium customers' only, people who are willing to pay more for the Apple brand and look and feel of its products.


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