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7 Ways to Earn Money on Your Spendings

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We all know that to be financially wealthy, we need to have cash flow and increase in the value of the things we possess. For example, if you are living in your house that brings you rental income (from one of the rooms) and your house’s value is much higher than what you paid for it, you are considered financially wealthy.

But to have cash flow, you need to spend less than what you earn and get passive income (i.e. income earned when you are not working, like dividends from shares).

Other than spending less than you earn, why not save money on your spendings?  When you save money on your spendings, you are indirectly earning money on your spendings. This may sound impossible, but there are 7 ways you can do that:

1. Use Your Phone and Save with Apps There are many apps for your phone, where you save simply by shopping and scanning your receipts. Apps like Saivian, Walmart’s Savings Catcher etc, allow you to shop, scan the receipt and get cash back up to 20% on the items you bought.

Many offer additional coupons and savings by completing tasks, referring friends and reaching milestones. It’s a great way to save on items you purchase without clipping coupons. 

2. Bulk Buy:

Buy in bulk is a great way to save money. For example, I have the HSBC Goldlen Village cinema card, where I save 32% on my cinema tickets whole year round (except for 4 public holicdays). I need to buy a minimum of 10 tickets first but the expiry is 12 months so it is easy to consume the bulk buys.

Many sites (like Lazada) and retailers (like Mustafa) offer savings when you buy in bulk, just check with them and negotiate for a good discount, which is anything above 10%

3.  Credit Card Cash Backs

Yes, many credit cards like Diners Club International offers 5% rebate on your groceries at Sheng Shiong supermarkets. Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB and now Alipay too offer cash back like $100 when you spend a certain amount, like $3,000 in a month

4. Deal of the Day:

When you do feel like splurging and taking the family out for a night on the town or on a vacation, do it frugally. Use sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to spend less on dining out together and these days you can even find cheap getaways and vacations through the websites.

Many retailers offer a deal of the day. If it’s on your list, and not something you need right away, you may want to watch for these deals.

5. Purchase a Club Membership

Consider the pricing on the products you buy often buy like books, stationery and household items.  Often you have to pay for membership to get a good 10% discount (like Popular) but as long as your savings is higher than the membership fees, you are saving or earning money on your regular purchases!

7. Sign up for a birthday discount

If you often need to shop for little kids, plenty of stores have birthday clubs that you can sign up to. You get a coupon for each birthday, something you can cash in for substantial rewards and discounts.

Many restaurants offer free meals for the birthday boy and girl. Make sure you plan in advance.  You can always ask the restaurant to offer you a free birthday cake when you celebrate birthdays at their eateries.

The key points is you don’t spend more to get the savings, you are spending as per normal but with good planning and strategy, you can get good savings and earn money on your spendings. Isn’t this a good way to be financially wealthy?

By Andy Ng, a Chartered Accountant by training with a MBA from UK. Andy is a full-time passionate business coach and trainer that helps people to be financially and spiritually wealthy through programs in sales, leadership and finance. Visit or see him in action at

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