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5 Steps to Becoming an Active WeChat User

In our previous article (you can read it here), we stressed the importance of becoming an active WeChat user if you too want to tap into the immense rewards that WeChat offers. 

'Active WeChat user' means to use WeChat daily, with 1 to 3 Moments postings a day and adding new friends every day.  There are 5 steps that anyone can become an active WeChat user:

Step 1: Make Sure Your WeChat Profile Stands For Something

Until you make a dent with your WeChat profile, people will not take you seriously, even if you were an active WeChat user.  To create a high impact profile, upload a professional photograph, like the one I have in this article.  Other than profile photo, you need to describe yourself in a way that makes you stand out.

Step 2: Put your WeChat icon on the front page of your mobile phone.  

Step 3: Post WeChat Moments 1 to 3 times a day

If you are like most people, you post a few times every day on Facebook and find posting daily on WeChat too much work, I have good news for you.  You can simply link your WeChat account to your Facebook account, and all your WeChat Moments posts will be automatically posted on Facebook.  

To do that, go to your 'Me' page, select 'Settings', then select 'Account Security', next select 'More Security Setting' and simply switch on the link at 'Facebook;

Step 4: Click 'Like' on Other People's Moments

Until you like other people's postings, people will not like your postings.  If no one likes your postings, you will give up posting on WeChat in less than a week.  So the first step to make people read your postings is to read other people's postings.  After reading, remember to click 'like' and make some positive comments

Step 5: Join Group Chats

Just like Whatsapp, the day you start joining Group Chats, the day you start to look at Whatsapp every day.  If you are new to WeChat and have no Group Chats, you can simply send a message to some of the people on WeChat that you like and ask if they can invite you into some of their Group Chats.  You can say something like this, "Hi xxx, I am new to WeChat and really want to be an active WeChat user and contribute to this community.  I see that you are fairly good at using WeChat, can I ask you to invite me to one or two of your Group Chats?  For your information, my interests include food, travelling and business opportunities.  Thanks and have a nice day!"

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