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Leadership by Accident: The Best Leadership Available

Too often leadership happens by accident. This is especially true in volunteer organizations where leadership is on 'arrowed' or sabotaged basis. Often there are so few or even no people that want to come forward, so the leader is 'appointed' by no default. If this has happened to you before, congratulations. Because leadership by accident is one of the best form of leadership available.

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Never Waste Another Cent on Training Again

Conversations with bosses reveal that do nothing is the best option for many of them. This is because doing something entails risk. This is especially true when it comes to training. Many of them told me that it is totally a waste of money to do training. I agree because..

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Turn Your Staff into High Performers in 5 Steps

First, recognize that everyone is a performer, as long as you put in the right conditions. If your staff is not performing, it also means that you the manager is not performing. Thus the priority is to enable your team to perform. There are 5 ways to do so.

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Yes, managing a sales team is not the same as managing the operations team. Salespeople that got promoted into sales managers may not know how to manage salespeople effectively. This is because salespeople are not normal employees. They cannot be controlled, coerced or managed like anyone. There are 5 things to know to manage sales people:

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Many people like to attack by numbers, some attack by force and many attack by weapons. But Sun Tzu (or Sun Zi in pinyin) said in the Art of War 孙子兵法 that attack by stratagem is far the best. Taken from chapter 3 of this book, we outline what exactly is attack by stratagem:

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