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The 36 Benefits of Staff Training

1. Higher profits, resulting in higher market value

2. No more major workplace conflicts, resulting in happier work life balance for all

3. More customers coming back, resulting in higher sales

4. Better relationships among the people

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How to Train Your Staff Even When You Cannot Release Them Away From Work

Many people think it is impossible for SMEs to train their staff.  There are 5 key concerns: 1. “We don’t even have enough people to work, how to send them for training?”  2.“My staff are very elderly with low education, how can they understand the training?”  3.Even if they can understand the training, how are they going to apply the training without our managers and bosses guiding them at the training?”

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Yes, it is unbelievable but true. After Government 90% subsidy, plus PIC 60% subsiday for the remaining 10%, plus Absentee Payroll of $7.50 an hour, your company can get back minimum $72 for just one course for one person. The maximum your company can get is $128 per course per person.

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Top 7 Myths and Truths of Training

1.  Training will make me 'Get High'

Truth: Yes, you may get very pleasant feelings of peace and tranquility but you should not get high or the trainer has just embarked on 'emotion brainwashing'.  Training will increase yourself awareness of your knowledge, beliefs and experience.  For example, people often told me that they didn't realize that they were using the wrong words and phrases in their work until they came to our training.

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Everyone wants to get the most when they invest in training. The question asked by HR Managers and Bosses is "Can this trainer deliver what my trainees want?"  Truth be told, the trainer is not as important as what most think. The most important person in any training is actually the trainees. There are 5 things trainees must do to get the most out of training

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