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Sales Systems better than Sales Goals

In sales, you typically have sales goals. If you hit your goals, you're happy because you're probably getting paid pretty well and not getting fired. But that happiness doesn't last very long because you always want more. Hitting 125% of your quota, consistently, becomes your new base-line as you too want to earn more incentives. So hitting your sales goals means more stress.

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I Want You to Train My Sales Team to Be Super Closers

"I want you to train my salespeople to become powerful closers better than the insurance people." "Can you train my sales team and get them to increase their closing rate?"  "Andy, I want you to come and train my sales guys on how to hit and exceed their sales targets". It seems that in this weak economy, every company wants to focus on sales and they think that sales training is the fastest way to increase sales. But is this true?

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Stunned Like a Vegetable

Having done my presenation, I asked the customary question, "Is there any question?"   One man stood up and said, "This is a good presenation, thanks".  He started to leave the room. I stood there stunned like a vegetable!  He has just given me an non-objection objection!

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Art of Consultative Selling

Why do we respect and listen to doctor's instructions without asking?  Are there magical ways that a salesperson can do that will presss the prospect's hot button and close the sale immediately?  In this new paradigm, how do we sell that will guarantee our sales target will be hit? Welcome to the training course Art of Consultative Selling by AsiaTrainers

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Social Selling Explained

Mention the word 'Social Selling' and many equate it to be Social Media Selling. Social Selling is more than social media and it is more than selling. Other than Heart Selling, Consultative Selling, Problem Solving Selling, Attraction Selling, Hard Selling and Key Account Selling, Social Selling is one of the most popular way to sell in today's world. 

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