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22 Immutable Laws of Selling by Andy Ferrari Norman

The 22 immutable laws of selling by Andy Ferrari Norman is powerful. I just re-read it and the following are my top 10 favourite laws: 1. Facts Tell Stories Sell  2. Psychology preceds Product  3. If you Prospect, they will Respond  4. Selling is about humanity  5. To sell well is easy, to sell again is hard

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16 Rock-Solid Rules for Salespeople

The 16 rock-solid rules that all successful salespeople follow: 1. Don't prejude, never assume, do not minimize yourself, your prospects or your clients.  2. See and talk to more people than anyone else and get more people to say no to you more than anyone else.  3. Sell more than your product or service, understand what your client need

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Using War Strategies in the Office

Mention Sun Tzu and we conjure up images of ancient China and warfare. But to Andy Ng, Business Coach and Trainer, Sun Tzu is about the office. Let's use the Sun Tzu 5 elements of Dao, Jiang, Tian, Di and Fa 道将天地法

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How to Respond to Price Discounts

When people ask Tony Chen, CEO of Oppo, to cut his price for his company's latest flagship device R9 Plus to be way below Samsung Galaxy S7, here's what he says, "I prefer to add value". Oppo R9 Plus ended up selling 1 million units within days! 

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You Only Spend 3 Seconds on This Article

Your prospect only give you 3 seconds. That is because the average lenght of video that people watch on youtube and facebook is 3 seconds. In less than 3 seconds, if you cannot catch somebody's attention, you are gone. But I know you will spend 3 minutes to learn more about irresistible selling


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