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Hot Button Selling

Hot buttons are not to be confused with benefits or emotions. In hot button selling, you just press the hot button, which is a trigger, and the sale is closed immediately. There is no further selling required. Note that once the hot button is pressed, there is no reversal: you have the sale without you asking!  There are 14 hot buttons to press

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How Managers Make People Happy At Work

Many people seek happiness after work and see work as a chore. Yet others find happines at work and see work as a reward. In Asia Trainers, we teach people that the short-cut to happiness at work is not to be happy at work, but to have happy team. In this respect, the manager plays a big role in making people happy

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7 Skills That Trainers Don't Teach

People teach you to love others, but if you are lovely, people will love you and this will make your life much easier. To be lovely is not just to be cute, it is also about being open and generous in receiving love. Like I always enjoy being praised because people think I am lovely from the pictures that I post on my Facebook. 

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Getting People to Not Know You

Sun Tzu said in the Art of War that it is not enough to "Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy", we also must ensure that our opponent does not know the real us.  This is what he meant by 'Deception' - "When strong, appear weak, when weak, appear strong".  The famous Sun Tzu quote: "All war is based on deception" does not mean Sun Tzu teach us to deceive people and be dis-honest.

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7 Secrets of Sun Tzu Art of War

Sun Tzu's Art of War is now considered a sales bible for people that want to succeed in business.  There are 7 little secrets of Sun Tzu, but the most important is found in chapter 3: Win without fighting. This means that in sales, we must win the order without fighting with competitors. How?

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