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Mad Dog Way to Sell When Markets Crash

When things are not rosy, many salespeople do three things: Wait, wait and wait. We teach our trainees that when things are bad, if you are not bad, you will do well. How to sell when the economy hits you hard: just do the mad dog thing: keep on selling!  But you must sell with wisdom in these 8 ways:

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In sales, it is important that you have a face-to-face get-together with your prospect. You cannot rely on e-mails, text messages and phone calls as these do not generate the fire and emotion that are needed for you to close the sale. Follow this 30-second method and you will get appointments each and every time.

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The 7 Effective Ways of Selling

Anthony Robbins said: If you keep doing the same things and expect different results, you're insane. Change the way you sell in these 7 ways: Instead of spending lots of time on prospecting, attract the right prospects to you with Attraction Selling.  Never sell base on price alone, for this is the fastest way to bankruptcy. Instead sell on value with Value Selling.  Value selling comes in 3 ways: how you help the customer to make more money, save time and create more 'likes' from people

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70 Hard 30 Soft

People often asked me how a good training program be structured. To me it should be 70/30: 70% hard, 30% soft.  Hard means the tactics and detailed how-to while soft means themotivational and inspirational aspects. For we know that without the motivational aspect, the trainees would not want to take action.  Without the detailed 'How-to', they too cannot take action, that's why you need both. 

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Make Customers Rich in 36 Ways

Gone are the days where people will buy what you sell if you sell well.  Also, a long established brand may not bring in sales.  Look at the dismal sales of Windows Phone and you'll realize that what customers want is nothing but increase in profits. If you are selling to a business, there are 36 ways a salesperson can increase his customer's profits:

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