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Using Emptiness to Close Every Sale

In our previous blog, we talked about how to use one Diamond Cutter principle to close sales. Today we will focus on using Emptiness to close more sales. You see when your prospect gives you an objection and he did so in a negative manner, like being sarcastic or critical, most salespeople will act in one way - react.

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The More You Tell Don't Buy, The More They Buy

We know positive techniques work, but sometimes people like to be defiant.  So don't be surprised to know that negative techniques sometimes work better than positive ones!  If you don't believe me, ask yourself this question: do you tend to disagree more than agree with what your salesperson said?  

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How to Circulate Knowledge Like Money

If I were to now transfer US$10,000 to your bank account, would you be richer? If you are like most people, you would say, 'Yes, of course". Yet we know that money by itself has no value. If I transfer money to you and you don't do anything to it, the total wealth has not increased. It is just merely a transfer of wealth from me to you, no difference to mankind's total wealth.

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What No Means

Whether you are in sales, marketing, business development, support or management, you will come across the answer 'No' many times at work. Many people equate 'No' to 'No Opportunity' or 'No Chance', when in fact No can mean over 20 things as follows:

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Many people would rather leave people alone than lead and manage them. This is because it takes lots of courage to lead people. Managing people involves coaching and mentoring, and many people don't know how to do it. They have 5 main fears: Fear No. 1: People Just Don't Change

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