How to Be a Wechatpreneur in 8 Ways FOC

There are 8 ways that you can be a Wechatpreneur at ZERO COST: 

1. Moments (朋友圈). If you have more than 2,000 friends on WeChat, your Moments posts (if they are interesting and not just plain advertisements) will start generating comments and likes.  You post 3 to 5 Moments a day and people contact you via comments, or in the links or other contacts that you provide in the Moments posts

2. Groupchats (群聊).  You form groupchats by gathering people who have shown interest in what you do. Your groupchats are very active with mini leaders and fans who support your Groupchat posts. Every day you are adding new people to the groupchats.  You are also forming new groupchats every day, some of which are sub-groups. By far Groupchats is the most common and effective to sell on WeChat FOC. 

3. Message Broadcasts (群发) You can send out to maximum 200 contacts in each message broadcast

4. Messaging (消息).  Here you message people directly.  Each message can also be a video not exceeding 5 minutes or voice maximum 60 seconds. This must be the most basic and yet effective methods to sell on WeChat.

5. Mei Pian (美篇).  Mei Pian is a mini program (小程序) that looks like a website.  Here you can include words, pictures, videos, music and even tabs for sub-pages.  You promote your Mei Pian via Moments, Groupchats, Message Broadcast and Messaging.   After scanning your Mei Pian QR code, people will go inside your Mei Pian. 

6. Official Account (公众号Official accounts are mini-websites with up to 15 pages.  When people follow your official accounts, you can send them a broadcast each day with maximum 8 articles in that broadcast.  You can set up maximum 5 Official Accounts with your business registration. There is ZERO cost in setting up official accounts. ff Official 

7. Mini Program (小程序) Mini programs are mobile apps inside WeChat.  People are very familiar with doing business on mobile apps. You can easily promote your mini programs via Moments, Groupchats, Message Broadcast and Messaging. 

8. Groupbuy (吃喝玩乐) Here you go into 大众点评  and put your products and services there FOC.  People can access Groupbuy inside their WeChat Wallet page. 

Written by Andy Ng, a Trainer with over 35 years experience. From August 2017 till to-date, Andy has conducted over 202 runs of WeChat Training.  There is a WeChat Power class on zoom, details at

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