How I Get Quick Sales on WeChat within 3 Days

The 5 ways to get quick sales from WeChat with zero advertising: 

Offer on your WeChat Moments a one-off special deal, like 85% discount. Ask them to share this news with their friends on their Moments and in their Groupchats.  You can also do a Message Broadcast on this special deal. 

Last week, we offered a 67% discount on my WeChat course in a Moments post.  Within 3 hours I received an enquiry for an in-house training for 11 persons.  Time-limit special deal really works fast! 

I bought a seminar ticket to my friend's seminar from my WeChat friend.  He immediately bought from me a WeChat course and asked me to offer a time-limit special deal to his team members.  Indeed what you want, you give it away first, and you will get what you want fast.  This is the Diamond Cutter principle of reciprocation! 

I don't under-promise and over-deliver as what most trainers teach.  In fact, I over-promise and over-deliver when I conduct trainings, whether they are paid trainings or free previews or events. 

I remembered in April 2018, I gave to the 24 Propnex property agents a $999 value for a free 2-hour WeChat preview.  I did zero selling in the preview and just concentrated on teaching them the most. After the preview I put the 24 participants in my Groupchat and informed them of the next WeChat class.  Within 2 days, 3 of them signed up for my WeChat classes. 


You can tap into the power of this GMB: Groupchat-Moments-Broadcast. 

I first set up a Groupchat and invite people to join to learn for free WeChat tips.  When the group is formed with an initial of just 5 people, I post on Moments the Groupchat's QR code and invite people to join the Groupchat.  For the people that joined the Groupchat, I send them message broadcast.  From this 3-way method, I got 2 sales.

Meipian is a mini program within WeChat that works like a blog where you can put in pictures, music and videos.  To-date, I have written 5 articles about WeChat on Meipian.  The article with the most read is "The Only Reason to Use WeChat".  When I posted this Meipian in Moments, some people forwarded it to their friends.  From here I get contacts and turned them into sales.  The whole process from writing Meipian to getting the sale takes me 3 days.

If you too want to learn how to use WeChat like a pro and get real sales from this hot trend, enrol for our next WeChat Power online zoom class on 20 July Wed 9.31 am to 12.31 pm. Fee is $49 for 1 or $39 each for 2.  For 5 pax and above, it is $39.  For details, visit

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