9 Ways to Aggressive Selling per Sun Tzu in Art of War

Most people equate aggressive selling to aggressive salespeople doing pushy or aggressive selling.  Nothing is furher away from the truth.  As we know, selling is professionally helping people to buy.  Aggressive selling is just professional selling done in an aggressive way. 


Sun Tzu in the Art of War advocated wars be fought quickly and with determination. (The next Sun Tzu Art of War for Sales seminar is on 12 Oct 2018 Friday 9 am to 1 pm).  Author Andy Ferrari Norman defined Aggressive Selling to be 'Determined and Energetic Selling that Produces Quick and High Results'. There are 9 ways to do aggressive selling:


1. Aggressive Sales and Marketing, If you have deep pockets, you can expect good results because no one can ignore such education. Frequent appearances in social media, billboards and internet seach are ways that reach people very fast. 


2. High Incentives for Salespeople, like 100% commission. In fact, one training company offers 50% commission to its students that bring in new students


3. High Rewards for Customers, like giving them huge discounts and expensive freebies. 


4. Low Pricing with progressive add-on later, like what Xiaomi does


5. Over Promise Over Deliver, like what trainers normally do. They promise 12 items but delivered 22 in the course


6. High Emotion Selling, because emotions make people act while logic makes people think.


7. Irresistible Selling. This is my favorite, where you give customers an irresistible offer, like an 88% discount for a WeChat course


8. Mad Dog Selling, where salespeople pursue their prospects like a mad dog. If done in a professional way, prospects will be moved, like what men do when they woo girls


9. A Series of Inter-connected Ploys. If you use all of the above 8 strategies at the same time, you will undoubtedly create tremendous results in a short period of time.

In short, if you follow the Sun Tzu's Art of War way of aggression with Tao or Purpose, you can expect victories quickly. One word of caution: not everyone can do aggressive selling because most people are not hungry enough. The alternative is to do Attraction Selling, which will be covered in our next article

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