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Forced Management

Forced Management: Most people are doing Forced Management knowingly or unknowingly.

For example, most managers set targets for their staff and simply pressurize them to achieve the targets. They do not get buy-in to the targets, nor do they help the staff to see how they can achieve the targets.

And they assume that the staff will hit the targets on their own, if not, they will do some forcing like issue threats. Few would take time to motivate, inspire and lead the staff to hit the targets. Even fewer will sit down and listen to the staff when they cannot hit the targets.

We all know that all goals must be internalized for it to be achieved. If you don't buy-in to the goals, you will not achieve them. Even if you do achieve them in the end, you will not get the pride and satisfaction of achievement.

We also know that if people achieve goals out of their own will, they will do so happily and willingly. Miracles will happen and we can turn all impossible to possible.

So move from Forced Management to Inspire Management. You will see the results, guaranteed. See how to be an effective manager and leader at…/15-how-to-be-an-effective-manager…

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